One sided love… </3

It’s really hurt when you love someone but he never return that love for you </3 I’m still hoping that “FOREVER” exist .. I know that someday i’ll meet the man of my dreams and the man that is really for me 😉 I know that God is still working for him ❤ but for now .. I’ll still love him even he can’t return it to me .. But I hope he will still remember how I’ve supported him in his pageant .. Even if I looked so crazy because of him .. I hope he’ll remember what I’ve said in that particular time “I love you ’till we’re 70″ I even can’t imagined when was the last time I feel this kind of feelings .. I’m still here for him ❤️

Trying to be someone else..

“I never thought that I want to be someone else”

I have so many realization in my life after this problem came to me … “NEVER TRUST ANY ONE” because at the end of the day you’re the one who will trust yourself”

I came in thinking that I really want to run as fast as I can just to forget all that is happening right now .. But I want to be someone else who can do it and fight for their right because I know if they can do it , I know That I can .. I have my GOD … My family and love ones .. i don’t need to be afraid because only God can JUDGE anyone else..